Adel Tawil from Dangerous Dream



                                      Geb. 16.09.2017 

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L Éte Sera Latino Des Lutins

De Cassiopee


Ch. Blue Witch Jimmy Mack


CH. Microgarden´s Look This Way
 Blue Witch Ding Dang Dong
Infinie Douceur D´ete des Lutins de Cassiopee Ch. Gimme All Your Lovin Des Lutins De Cassiopee
Cassiopee De Pairandou

Quilt Bi from Marmorea´s


Salt City the Dark Knight

Ch.Denian Deuce´s Are Wild
Apple Acres Blue Diamond of Ulanova

Yalla Diva from Marmorea´s Shelter

Eyecatcher Blue Diamond of Ulanova

Queen Fajah from Marmorea´s Shelter